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Ethernet availability and rate quote

Ethernet compared to T1 DS3

Low Ethernet Rates has direct relationships with over 10 carriers of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit, Gig-e, Gigaman, Ethernet over Copper trunk providers.

We do not just pass your information along - we broker the best service at the lowest possible rates. Not all services or providers are available nationwide - that's how we can serve you best! A Telecommunication Brokerage can save you valuable time and money doing all the research for you. Let us find the right provider at your location that best meets your needs.

Ethernet the future?

Ethernet, quite simply is, plugging your network directly into an Ethernet  provider's network. When you bypass the local phone company you cut out the loop expensive transport cost. Having direct access to customers is a carrier's goal as it allows them to tailor the user's experience from end to end while reducing transport cost. These savings are passed on to you!

"The market for managed metro Ethernet services is expected to grow by 30 per cent a year until 2010, when it will top $25 billion ($2.3bn) worldwide."

Infonetics Research - July 2007

Cut bandwidth costMore Bandwidth = less cost p/Mbps

Ethernet technology was developed to allow computers on the same network to communicate at speeds ranging from 10 mbps to 100 mbps.

"Ethernet is cheaper, has better economies of scale and allows for simpler, more unified networks. Ethernet is at the gates, and it's coming in."

Greg Collins - July 2007
Business Communications Review Magazine

Comparison - Cost per Mb

Service Speed (mbps) Average
per Meg
DS1 1.54 $450 $292.20
Bonded T1 3 $800 $267.00
DS3 45 $5,000 $111.11
Ethernet over Copper




Fast Ethernet

100 $3,000 $30.00
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 $18,000 $18.00

Ethernet Consulting
  • Free Ethernet lookup
  • Bypass Local Phone Co.
  • Locate " Lit Buildings "
  • Less cost per Mb

How does this work?

Enter your existing or potential office  address in the Ethernet Availability Form, we do all the rest!

You will see a map with your location along with markers of surrounding buildings who have been "lit" by major Ethernet service providers.

How do I know where I'm located?

Customer locationYour location.
This yellow icon shows your location on our Ethernet map. If you are within 500', the provider will normally waive build out fees to connect your company. ( Over 500', ICB quote )

exact locationThis could be you!
This shows your exact location in relationship to our providers. You may be closer to an Ethernet carrier on-ramp than you think!  We can map your location within seconds to determine availability.

Fiber TrunkFiber Trunk Line
You may not be close to an existing "lit building or on-ramp" but.... sitting on top of a fiber line! The red line indicates the existing fiber trunk.

If you would like to learn more, you'll be able to enter your location and contact information to receive an instant Ethernet Quote or ... email us your information by submitting your free quote request via our Ethernet Quote Form and receive a phone call from our staff of Ethernet experts to customize your service needs.

audit timeDoes your T1 or fractional DS3 contract expire soon? Need more bandwidth? Ethernet may be an option! Let us confirm availability and negotiate your new contract with a FREE broadband audit!

I have a question.

Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions.

Ethernet Request Form

quote formEnter your information into our quote form for a personalized audit and quote. We will direct your request to the person in charge of the area you are inquiring about with detailed Ethernet results. Some locations require a manual quote from the provider.

Ethernet Quote

Real-time Quote We often see incentives we are pleased to pass along to our clients like, waived install fees, quarterly promotions or free equipment normally not mentioned when contacting a carrier directly.